The Upset – Giving Up Is Not An Option 12"LP (Red)


Debut album španělské kapely The Upset. Hrají tvrdší streetpunk ve kterém kompinují streetrock, streetpunk a hardcore. Pro fanoušky kapely jako: The Bruisers, Oxymoron, Forced Reality, Bonecrusher, The Corps a Slapshot.

English version:
Debut album of the Spanish band The Upset . They play harder streetpunk which combine streetrock , streetpunk and hardcore . For fans of bands like : The Bruisers , Oxymoron , Forced Reality , Bonecrusher , The Corps and Slapshot .


Side A:
A1. Just Yesterday 
A2. Dead City 
A3. We Are The Enemy 
A4. You're A Bore 
A5. Never Retreat 

Side B:
B1. Rose Of Fire 
B2. Sick On You 
B3. Never Too Old 
B4. Another Night 

Pressing info:
200 x White Vinyl 
200 x Red Vinyl 
100 x Black Vinyl (This one)

Review American Oi:
Although it might appear that way to some, The Upset didn’t appear just out of the blue. Barcelona’s latest streetpunk sensation rose up from the trail of destruction that Bulldozer BCN left behind and they already managed to make name for themselves in a short period of time. Now it’s time for the real work though, as their debut 12” “Giving Up Is Not An Option” is about to hit the streets through the contrasting of them all, Contra Records!
On “Giving Up Is Not An Option” the Catalonian upsetters deliver nine strong tracks that will definitely run you over like a freight train! With the length of the tracks laying somewhere between 1:29 minutes and 2:57 minutes per song, there is a lot of pace and tempo in this album. Short and fast, hardcore-punk influenced tracks such as “Dead Cities” and “You’re A Bore”, switch it up with bouldering sing-alongs such as “We Are The Enemy”, “Another Night”, “Never Too Old” and “Just Yesterday”. Especially the longer tracks bring some great guitar work to the table and give guitarist Guillem plenty of room to pull out some great riffs and (short) solo’s while Ramon’s gravelly vocals top the whole album off.
The only ‘problem’ I have with “Giving Up Is Not An Option” is that it only contains nine tracks, I wouldn’t have mind a track or three more on this slab of wax! But at least now there is no filler on The Upset’s debut LP, just a killer mix of 80’s-era Slapshot, Forced Reality, Blitz and The Bruisers! Definitely one of 2015’s hard-hitters!

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: 2016009-V4B012
  • Výrobce: Contra Records

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Sobota 23. leden 2016.

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