Midnight Tattoo - True Sound Of Punk EP 7" (černý/black)


Midnight Tattoo je belgická streetpunk kapela a toto EP obsahuje tři songy.

English version:
Midnight Tattoo is a Belgian streetpunk band and this EP contains three songs.

Strana A/Side A:
1. Kings without a Crown
2. StreetRock

Strana B/Side B: 
3. Road Trip 

Review American Oi:
Despite the fact that Midnight Tattoo’s home Antwerp (Belgium) is only an hour away from my city Rotterdam (The Netherlands) I never heard a song from these guys before. Maybe it’s not so weird, because this Belgian Oi! / streetpunk outfit only released a demo and a self-titled EP prior to the “True Sound Of Punk” 7”, released by German label Contra Records.
Although Belgium is our neighboring country and I obviously know some oldies like The Agitators, Funeral Dress or Headcase I haven’t been really up to date on what is going on in the Belgian scene when it comes down to Oi! and streetpunk music. So when I received this promo I was curious what these guys would sound like and to be honest, the boys from Antwerp surprised me in a positive way!
What you get on “True Sound Of Punk” are three catchy, melodic tunes that sound like a mixture of Evil Conduct, Funeral Dress and early Lower Class Brats. Simple, but effective, sing-a-longs where one song, “Kings Without A Crown”, leans more to their Oi! side and the songs “Streetrock” and “Road Trip” more to their streetpunk side with vocals that remind me somewhat of a young Bones (LCB), but with a bit of an Belgian accent.
Pretty fun to listen to with a lot of punk and skinhead unity in the lyrics. Curious if a full-length can keep my attention as well, so bring it on Midnight Tattoo!

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: 4S2014077
  • Výrobce: Contra Records

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Čtvrtek 15. květen 2014.

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