Crucial Change - Mourning In America 7" EP (Oblood/Black)


Picking up where "So it Begins" left off with 3 incredible tracks. This 7" is the North American Version and features a different cover than the European 12" version. 
Includes download card.

A1. Mourning in America 
B1. This Force 
B2. Who laughs Last

Pressing info: 
33 Test Pressings (Alternate cover, Black vinyl) 
33 "I Am Legion 33" (Alternate cover, Blue vinyl) 
21 Army Green 
59 Mixed Color 
77 White 
77 Black 
33 Blue/White/Gold Splatter 
100 Red/White/Blue Splatter 
100 Blue/White/Green Splatter

Review American Oi: 
For years it has been pretty much radio silent for Seattle?s Crucial Change with their debut album ?American Made? being released in 2007 and their sop...homore album ?33? hit the shelves in 2009. Now it?s 2014 and these guys seem to be on a roll, first they released their third, and can I say fantastic, full-length record ?So It Begins? and now they?re on the verge of releasing the EP ?Mourning In America?, featuring three brand new tracks!

?Mourning In America? kicks off pretty much where the final chords of ?So It Begins? left us. Sound and production wise these three songs could have been from the same recording session as ?So It Begins? but listening to ?Mourning In America? it hardly feels like ?leftovers?, quite the contrary actually, Crucial Change seem to grow with every release, even though there has only been a few months since ?So It Begins? and ?Mourning In America?.

Although I don?t dislike your average ?Oi! Oi! Havin? a laugh? Oi! band, there is nothing funny about Crucial Change and their lyrics. As the title ?Mourning In America? might suggest these guys mean serious business with smart written, intelligent lyrics on the title track as well as the two remaining tracks ?This Force? and ?Who Laughs Last? (including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote ?Cowardice asks ?is it safe?, conscience asks ?is it right???). What does put a smile on my face is the music, because on ?Mourning In America? Crucial Change really outdone themselves once again! Their mix of Oi! and a hint of hardcore sounds so tight and powerful but yet still melodic that they are one of my favorite bands at the moment and I can easily have the digital version of this EP on repeat for two hours straight, great stuff!

?Mourning In America? comes out in a few different versions. Crowd Control Media took care of the North-American release and comes out on three different colors of vinyl and has alternative artwork to the European edition by This Means War of who I don?t have any further release info yet. Also CCM will release ?Mourning In America? along with ?So It Begins? (previously only available on vinyl by TMW or digital) on CD including a unreleased bonustrack! Pretty of versions to choose from if you ask me, and I suggest you take your pick, because this is one of the better EP?s that will be released this year!

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