Bakers Dozen ‎– Boots, Braces And B Sides 2x 12"LP



Side A:
A1. Pick A Victim 
A2. Firearms Offender 
A3. Ripe For Violence 
A4. Someone Elses Bird 
A5. Raise The Belgrano 
A6. Night Of Retribution 

Side B:
B1. Just Say Dahmler 
B2. Change The Law 
B3. What Lies Ahead 
B4. Beat The Hippie 
B5. Hidden Agenda 
B6. Surrender Or You'll Die 

Side C:
C1. Raise Hell 
C2. Had It Coming 
C3. Nightmare UK 
C4. Biting Point 
C5. The Ghost Of British Justice 
C6. Looking For Trouble 

Side S:
D1. Don't Take The Bait 
D2. Face Of Hate 
D3. Day Of Vengeance 
D4. Madman 
D5. Short Memory 
D6. Death Wish

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