AggroCulture U.S. - Destiny Calls 7" EP (Green Clear)


Media: Mint (M)
Sleeve: Mint (M)

First E.P. from AggroCulture U.S. from Orange County, CA. 
Includes download card.


Side A: 
A1. Modern Family 
A2. Destiny Calls Us Here

Side B: 
B1. Los Angeles (I'm Coming) 
B2. Immaculate Perception 
B3. Life Is Easier

Review American Oi: 
Last year I did a free online compilation (?Promote & Provoke?, you can still download it!) that had beside the obvious also a ton of new(ish) bands with unreleased, raw and demo material on them. It?s great to see that most of them found a home and are releasing EP?s, mini-albums and full-lengths like Drink And Destroy Crew, The Warlords, Down For Life and now also AggroCulture U.S. is about to release their debut EP ?Destiny Calls? on Crowd Control Media. 

AggroCulture U.S. have a much more punk and fun sound to their style of Oi! music compared to label mates such as Down For Life and Crucial Change, definitely not a bad thing, just different influences! Because if I have to compare these guys I?d say they are somewhere between early Vanilla Muffins and the Toy Dolls. Easy to the ears, melodic, still a little rough around the edges when it comes down to production and lyrics that aren?t too serious. 

?Destiny Calls? sums up a total of five new and re-recorded tracks that previously were only available as online demo?s with ?Los Angeles (I?m Coming)? being my favorite of the lot. The sun is shining, it?s summer and this track contributes to the feel good mood I am in. But perhaps I am doing the other songs, ?Modern Family?, ?Destiny Calls Us Here?, ?Immaculate Perception? and ?Life Is Easier? short here, because overall this is a real fun 7? to listen to. 

?Life is easier, when you don?t act hard / Life is easier, when you don?t act tough?, the chorus of ?Life Is Easier?, pretty much sums it up, no image here, just five guys having fun in what they do and that reflects on their songs. Good choice of CCM to add AggroCulture U.S. to their growing roster of bands, it?s something else but well worth your listen!

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