Hard Wax - Kings of the weekend 7" (black)


Za projektem Hard Wax stojí Tom Boutwood z kapel Arch Rivals a Hostile Minds. Hudebn? jde o bovver/glam rock ovlivn?ný kapelami jako Giuda, Shandy, Faz Waltz, The Templars a The Clichés. Tento debut obsahuje dva songy.

English version:
Behind the project Hard Wax stands Tom Boutwood from the bands Arch Rivals and Hostile Minds. Musically regards Bovver / glam rock influenced by bands like Giuda, Shandy, Faz Waltz, The Templars and The Clichés. This debut includes two songs.

Side A:
Kings Of The Weekend

Side B:

300x black
200x silver
15x testpressing (sleeved up)

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
První singl bovver rock/mod beat kapely Toma, kterého m?ľete znát z Hostile Minds nebo z Arch Rivals obsahuje dva songy. Titulní Kings of the Weekend na stran? A a potom Unstoppable na stran? B. Oba songy se dají dohledat na youtube, kde si je m?ľete poslechnout. Deska vychází ofiko 8. ?ervence, takľe zatím mám jen elektronickou verzi, ale i tak se budu snaľit vám to popsat. Takľe nejd?íve obal s grafikou ve starém stylu. První song Kings of the Weekend je st?ední tempo s kovovou rnr kytarou (která si jede i vyhrávky) i basou a zp?vem, kterému je perkfetn? rozum?t. Taky tam uslyąíte i tleskání do rytmu (alá Slade). Dvojka je pomalejąí v?c, která má stejné atributy nástroj? jako první song, ovąem basa si jede víc stupnic a je jí dán v?tąí prostor. Jinak ur?it? v jejich tvorb? slyąíte New Chords, Templars, Clichés, Hawkins Thugs, Shandy, atd? Textov? asi nemá cenu moc psát, Kings of Weekend má pom?rn? jasné poselství a Unstoppable je také o tom, jak parti?ka ve?er vyráľí do m?sta. Pokud máte rádi výąe zmín?né kapely anebo daląí Tomovy v?ci, tak neváhejte. Je to dobrý!

Review Backstreet Battalion:
First single of this bovver rock/mod beat band from Tom who can be known from Hostile Minds or from Arch Rivals contains two songs. First one is Kings of the Weekend on A side, second one Unstoppable on B side. Both songs can be checked on youtube. EP will be officially out on 8th July so I have just electronic promo. Cover is done in old graphics style. First piece Kings of the Weekend is in middle rhythm with steel rnr guitar (with solos) and bass plus vocals which are easy to understand. There is also clapping to rhythm (like some Slade songs). Second song is slower with all instrument attributes as the first one but with louder and playful bass. You will surely hear bands like New Chords, Templars, Clichés, Hawkins Thugs, Shandy, etc? Lyrics are quite clear bunch of friends which is going out on Friday/Saturday´s night. If you like above mentioned bands and also other Tom´s projects you will like also this EP. It is good!

Review American Oi:
Tom Boutwood, of Arch Rivals and Hostile Minds fame, seems unstoppable at the moment! The Hostile Minds CD ?Violent Society? barely left the pressing plant when he already presented his brand new project, Hard Wax! Delivering some old fashioned UK bovver rock with its debut 45 ?Kings Of The Weekend?, Hard Wax Tom really puts in the boot with his latest slab of wax!
Giving a razor sharp edge to the latest glam-inspired craze of excellent bands such as Giuda, Shandy and Faz Waltz, Hard Wax?s style sounds both rougher and tougher than the aforementioned bands. Thanks to its influences by the likes of The Templars and The Clichés, Hard Wax sounds more boisterous, while being as addictive with title-track ?Kings Of The Weekend?! Even the most inveterate non-dancer will have a hard time keeping either his / her feet or hands still to this top of the bill bovver rock anthem! I was sold the first time I heard ?Kings Of The Weekend?, but even after 50+ spins I still can?t get enough of its superb chorus!
The B-side of a single usually consists of a song that didn?t make the ?full-length album cut?, but not in Hard Wax?s case! Not only because there isn?t an album yet (though I sure as hell hope this will happen one day!), but because ?Unstoppable? is a first class track that makes you want to flip the record over and over again with its crunching guitars and scorching refrain!
By now Tom is getting a band together to ensure Hard Wax?s future will be a group effort and personally I can?t wait! Because the ?Kings Of The Weekend? 45 is simply sublime!

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  • Kód: 2024333 - Inventura 2024 7"Box#2
  • Výrobce: Rebellion Records

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