Rampage/The Morons - Morons On The Rampage Split LP (Black)

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Side A: 
A1. Rampage - Arbeiterstolz 
A2. Rampage- Die Wahrheit Aus Der Röhre 
A3. Rampage - Skinheads Hinter Gittern 
A4. Rampage - Menschenmüll 
A5. Rampage - Wochenende 
A6. Rampage & Morons, The - Schikane 
A7. Rampage , Morons, The - Hidden Track

Side B: 
B1. Morons, The - Skinheadweg 
B2. Morons, The - Public Enemys 
B3. Morons, The - Fahrt Zur Hölle 
B4. Morons, The - Spirit Of 69 (Has Already Died) 
B5. Morons, The - Kraken 
B6. Rampage - Danke 
B7. Rampage - Selbstverrat

handnumbered to 300 copies. comes with booklet. 
track A7 is a hidden track and not printed on rearcover & lable

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