V/A - Johnny Cash, An International Underground Tribute To The..

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Rock ´n´ roll, Oi!, Punk a Hardcore kapely z celého sv?ta vám zahrají sv?j oblíbený cover od Johnyho Cashe.Opravdu hodn? zajímavá kompilace!

1. Strongarm & the Bullies: Don?t take your guns to town
2. Judasville: Delia?s gone
3. Reno Divorce: Guess things happen that way
4. Peter Pan Speedrock: Ghostriders in the sky
5. Emschekurve 77 feat. Gunter Gabriel: San Quentin
6. Discharger: The city of New Orleans
7. The Pug Uglies: Folsom prison blues
8. 7er Jungs: Long black veil
9. Dead50?s: Understand your man
10. Southern Way: The highwayman
11. Couchdrivers: Thing called love
12. Banner Of Thugs: Redemption
13. Social Combat: Country boy
14. Springtoifel: Cafe gitterblick (I got stripes)
15. Floffgirl: Tennessee flat top box
16. Hateful: The man comes around
17. Toxpack: Wanted man
18. The Regulars: Ring of fire
19. Vortex: Jackson
20. Sweet Poison: The ways of a women in love
21. Get Out: I walk the line
22. Subculture Squad: Thirteen
23. Superaction: I will rock n roll with you
24. For The Fame: I still miss someone
25. Badlands: Get rythem
26. Confuse The Cat: Devils right hand
27. Razorblade: San Quentin
28. Riot Company: There you go
29. Barry Lewis: Hurt

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: SiF35
  • Výrobce: Rebellion Records

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Neděle 21. leden 2007.

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