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Skinboiss - Skinhead Action CD

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Fulllenght album from new Finish Oi! band in which play Ari from another Finish band Kalevalan Viikingit.

01.Make 'em run
02.Skinhead Action
03.Stomp the Drug Dealer
04.Skin Skin Skinhead(Ska Song)
05....for Skins
08.Rock 'n'Roll Politics
Bonus Tracks
10.Skinhead Action(Demo)

Review from Peddy:
Skinboiss is brand new Oi! band (or better to say a project) from Finalnd. Members are Arska ? the lead person of other Finnish band Kalevalan Viikingit and Dan. I didn´t find in booklet who is playing which musical instrument but it doesn´t matter. On album which is called Skinhead Action you will find 11 songs (2 of them are demo recording from 2010 ? for example song Politicians, which was on Oi! Ain´t Red compilations, but you will find there also their new versions). 10 of them are in English and 1 in Finnish (Sankarit which means Hero). Music is similar to Kalevalan Viikingit but with more English songs and it isn´t too into rock stuff. Music is composed mainly from guitar without booster effect in middle rhythm, but you can hear also to ska song (Skin Skin Skinhead). Songs have titles like Make´em Run, Stomp the Drug Dealer, ? for Skins, Rock´n´Roll Politics or Mr. Oi! so the themes of the lyrics are clear. Interesting is the fact that the lyrics didn´t rhyme so much but because the rhythm isn´t too fast and vocal is in one line (except singalong lalala refrains) you didn´t recognize it. Guitar plays slow solos with normal rhythm of the drums in background so the final sound is interesting and I will compare some songs to older Unruly stuff (mainly the song Politicians, but it can be the fact that I really like The Unruly). Vocal is deep but you will understand all (maybe because the English isn´t too difficult) and in song Mr.Oi! you will hear female vocal by Nana. It is pure classic skinhead rock´n´roll with oldschool sound and clear attitude. In booklet are all lyrics, photo of both members and thankslist but just two pages. To CD you will recive button of the band. Most of I like songs Make´em Run and Sankarit in their mother tongue. For fans of oldschool sound good piece to their collection.

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