V/A - Oi! Made In Holland pt II CD


Druhé pokračování kompilace, která je natřískaná 29 songy od holandských Oi!, Punk a Hardcore kapel.

English version:
The second part of the compilation, which is crowded 29 songs from the Dutch Oi, Punk and Hardcore bands.

01. Razorblade - Days of glory    
02. Urban Soldiers - Get out of the way    
03. Close Combat     - Spit blood
04. G.O.H - Running from the law    
05. Badlands - The open road    
06. Disturbance - Youth    
07. Stealers - Hey    
08. The Bruiseheads - The unstoppable force    
09. Dead Weights - Tidal wave    
10. The Squats - Chaos in Nijmegen    
11. Subrockers     - Taxi driver    
12. Evil Conduct - Skinhead till I die    
13. Heros & Zeros - S.O.S.    
14. NV le Anderen - Imitation    
15. Antidote - Let's get drunk    
16. Intoxication - Punx party    
17. Tech 9 - Payback    
18. The Patrons - Are you ready    
19. Total Loss - Get out
20. Discharger - We're coming to your town    
21. Hardsell - Revolution    
22. Scallywags - Another day    
23. Pagans - We don't need    
24. The Firm - Broken family    
25. Bodyshot - Violence    
26. The Magnificent - Desperate in the dessert    
27. Milkman - Now's the time    
28. One Night Stand - Hometownlover    
29. Oi!evaar - Reigers    


When I was a teenager I loved compilation albums. I was still in school and had little money to buy what I wanted. Compilation albums were the perfect solution, you got to get to know lot’s of new bands for a very low price, especially when it comes down to Oi!, punk and hardcore music.

That is exactly what this compilation is for. Introducing bands and music for an extreme low price. What you get is 29 songs by the same ammount of bands for a few bucks introducing the Dutch Oi! and punk scene, for the second time that is. This is the follow up to the first ‘Oi! Made In Holland’ sampler that got released 8 years ago and sold over 5,000 copies worldwide. ‘Oi! Made In Holland 2’ first press is a lot lower (‘only’ 1,000 copies) but gives you once again an excellent mix of old glory, the current household names that took over Holland and Europe by storm the last couple of years and the future wave of Dutch close shave.

Sure you already know a lof the songs on here, but with bands like Razorblade, Urban Soldiers, Dead Weights, The Squats, Subrockers, The Stealers, Evil Conduct, Antidote, Tech 9, The Patrons, Discharger, Hardsell, The Firm and The Magnificent you get a whole lot of bang for your buck! Especially when you add unreleased songs from bands such as Badlands (can’t wait for the EP, the mini-LP and the full-length that are coming out!) and Rotterdam streetpunk veterans Disturbance to the bill this is a must-have for fans of Oi! and punk music everywhere and anywhere!    

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  • Kód: 4S2013148
  • Výrobce: Rebellion Records

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Pondělí 30. září 2013.

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