Subrockers - Telephone 7" (black/white swirl)

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Singl holandské kapely Subrockers ve které hrají ?lenové kapel jako: Disturbance, I Reject a Antidote

English version:
Single from Dutch band Subrockers in which play members of bands such as: Disturbance, I Reject and Antidote


Strana A/Side A:
1. Telephone

Strana B/Side B:
2. Rock This City

Pressing info:
50x black
100x black/white swirl

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
Po stejnojmeném plnohodnotném albu z roku 2013 vydává tahle holandský skvadra azura sloľená se ?len? Disturbance, I Reject a Antidote singl s názvem Telephone. Na Epku najdete dv? skladby a to titulní Telephone na á?ku a Rock this City na stran? B. Jejich album se mi celkem líbilo, protoľe na n?m byla mixka r?zných styl? od punk rocku p?es rock´n´roll aľ po klasický rockový zvuk, takľe jsem o?ekával, ľe tomu tak bude i tady. Titulka Telephone je pomalejąí a více ?poppy? skladba s flegmatickým zp?vem a kytarovou vyhrávkou, která trvá tém?? celou délku písni?ky a hlavn? ta basa pánové, no to je paráda. Rock this City je uľ tvrdąí v?c, ale rukopis kapely z p?edchozího songu je v tom slyąet po?ád (hlavn? co se tý?e kytary a basy). Obal je ud?lán jednoduąe ve stylu jejich p?edchozího po?inu (takľe jen ?ernobílý jednoduchý nákres), EPo dorazilo jen digitáln?, takľe nevim nic o vnit?ku, ale pokud se Vám líbilo jejich p?edchozí album, tak tohle budete mít rádi také. Není to nic tvrdého, ale z muziky je cítit zkuąenost hudebník?.

Review Backstreet Battalion:
After the s/t full length album released in 2013 comes this Dutch all?star band composed with ex-members from Disturbance, I Reject and Antidote with single called Telephone. On EP you can listen to two songs ? Telephone on A side and Rock this City on side B. I really like their full length because of many various musical styles from punk rock through rock´n´roll to classic rock sound so I expect this also here. Title song Telephone is slower track with more ?poppy? sound with phlegmatic vocal, guitar solo in almost whole track and great bass. Rock this City is tougher but you may hear the manuscript of the band in it (mainly the guitar and bass). Cover is done in simple way similar to the previous release (black and white drawing). I have it just in digital format so I can´t say anything about the inside but if you like the previous album you will like also this EP. Nothing hard or tough but cool music made by experienced musicians.

Review American Oi:
Last year (ex-) members of long lasting Dutch punk and hardcore bands such as Disturbance, Antidote and I-Reject (last two bands are defunct) surprised friend and foe with the debut release of their new band SubRockers. With a sound totally different from what they were known for, a mix of ?77 punk, glam and pubrock, they created a genre on their own they?d like to call subrock!
Although something totally different (especially if you look at the backcatalog of their label Rebellion Records), I liked their self-titled mini-CD from start to finish and I was looking forward to what the future for SubRockers would bring. Because with so many years of band experience by it?s members this could only get better.
And now the future is here, and it did get even better! Their new 7? EP ?Telephone? contains two brand new songs, ?Telephone? and ?Rock This City?, and the band developed their subrock even more, which lead to a more varied and powerful sound when you compare it to their debut CD. Thanks to different genres SubRockers are taking influences from it?s tough to compare them to any other band, because where ?Rock This City? is a tough rocker ?Telephone? shows a more ?sensative? side while it?s lyrics would have gained this release a ?explicit content? sticker if it was released on a major label.
If you liked their first release, you will like ?Telephone? even more. Also if you like Dutch punk band Disturbance you need to check SubRockers out if you didn?t already. Both bands share the same singer, Rob, and his signficant throat only seems to get better over the years. Rock this city!

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  • Kód: 4S2014054
  • Výrobce: Rebellion Records

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