Nobody´s Fool ‎? Wintering 12" LP (?erný/black)


Debut LP ąpaln?lské punkrock kapely Nobody´s Fool.

English version:
Debut LP from Spanish punkrock band Nobody´s Fool.


Strana A/Side A:
A1. Here Are The Fools 
A2. Stranger Than Fiction! 
A3. Life Is Ain´t Easy 
A4. Bound For Nowhere 
A5. You´re Not Alone 
A6. March, 17, 1990 
A7. Dare 
A8. Never Give Up Your Dreams 
A9. Last Breath (Feat AyU)

Strana B/Side B: 
B1. Wainting For The End 
B2. Unbeaten 
B3. Brainless Youth 
B4. Night & Day 
B5. Shelter 
B6. Lazy Boy 
B7. Doomsday 
B8. Nobody´s Fool

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