V/A - It's What We Know Split EP


Split EP ?ty? kapel z nichľ dv? hrají Oi! a dv? Hardcore, obsahuje od kaľdé z kapel exkluzivní songy ur?ené pouze pro toto EP a to od kapel Bad Assets (Detroit), Side Swiped (NY/CT), Iron City Hooligans (Pittsburgh) a Truth In Needles (NY)

English version:
Split EP of four bands of which two are playing Oi! and two Hardcore, containing from each of the bands exclusive songs intended only for the EP and the bands Bad Assets (Detroit), Side Swiped (NY / CT), Iron City Hooligans (Pittsburgh) and Truth In Needles (NY)

Strana A/Side A:
1. Bad Assets - It´s What We Know
2. Side Swiped - Scene Suckerz

Strana B/Side B:
3. Iron City Hooligans - Revolution
4. Truth In Needles - By Your Rules

Review American Oi:
United Riot Records is around since 2003 and is known for their releases of Oi! and hardcore music. Often these forces combine on their releases and the brand new four way split EP ?It?s What We Know? is another addition to this collection with two Oi! bands, Bad Assets and Iron City Hooligans, and two hardcore bands, Side Swiped and Truth In Needles.
I love both genres and subcultures so I was pretty stoked when I first heard about this release. Also because of the fact that it features a brand new Iron City Hooligans song, ?Revolution? in their new line-up and it?s great! Just like the Iron City Hooligans track, every other song on ?It?s What We Know? is exclusively recorded for this 7? as well and although I like the ICH and Bad Assets (who provide the awesome title track of this EP) songs the most, the hardcore representatives Side Swiped (featuring Dennis of Fed Up! and head honcho of United Riot Records) and Truth In Needles don?t dissapoint either!
This EP has a total pressing of 500 copies, but the label already sold out! I am pretty sure the bands will still have some copies left, so if you can get your hands on one, do so, because these tracks are all new and all good!

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: 4S2014063
  • Výrobce: United Riot Records

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