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Zbrusu nové album holandské kapely Razorblade. Toto již sedmé kompletní album se jim opravdu moc povedlo!

English version:
Brand new album of the Dutch band Razorblade.  This seventh full album they really succeeded!

1. Intro
2. My Name Is Vengeance
3. Warriors
4. Feel The Rage
5. Sniffing Glue
6. Daily Grind
7. The Battle of Vught
8. Under Siege
9. Who Are You
10. Never Fade Away

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
Sedmé album holandské a evropské stálice v jako svině tvrdém skinehad rocku vychází opět na jejich domácím labelu Rebellion Records. Po trošce experimentování s němčinou na Gegen die Masse a více melodickém Days of Glory se kapela vrací ke svým kořenům poctivého brickwall Oi! a hnedka první songy to do vás pořádně naperou (Warriors a My Name is Vengeance). Jinak Wouter se věnuje už jen zpěvu - jako na minulém albu. Melodie se ovšem nevytratila – třeba takový Daily Grind (fotbalovka) nebo The Battle of Wught mají všechny atributy melodičnosti a tvrdosti (něco jako třeba Bonecrusher). CD začíná jakýmsi středověkým kostelním zpěvem (prý Templáři), které plynule přejde do songu My Name is Vengeance. Na song Feel the Rage najdete na youtube i videoklip (http://youtu.be/ifIvxgKFqqw). K Warriors (kterej vás kopne zpátky do doby Spreading Fear a Skinheads Are Back) existuje taky nějaké ofiko video http://youtu.be/UMDcKOUcy-M. Songy jsou komplet anglicky a nechybí jak klasická témata – Who Are You? (která je jak od 4Skins) nebo Never Fade Away (halekačka jako prase – Razorbalde Foreverer Forever Razorblade) ani historická témata – The Battle of Wught (která je nejspíše vyobrazena i na obalu desky), My Name is Vengeance nebo Under Siege (kde je parádní kytarová vyhrávka). Celkem (včetně Intra) je tu deset songů s časem lehce přes dvacet minut – prostě žádný sraní. Jsem mo rád, že se kapela vrátila k původnímu zvuku. Jestli mi přišlo Days of Glory tvrdší, tak tohle je naprostá brutalita a pro mě důkaz toho, že návrat k něčemu nemusí být vždy krokem zpět. Tady je tomu přesně naopak. Album vychází jak na CD, tak i na LP ve třech barevných verzích (500 kousků). Tohle z přehrávače dlouho nevyndáte a to se vsaďte.

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Seventh album from this Dutch and European skinhead band which plays skinhead rock hard as nails is out now on their home label Rebellion Records. After some experiments with German language on Gegen die Masse and melodic album Days of Glory they are returning to their brickwall Oi! and first two songs really proves it (Warriors and My Name is Vengeance). Wouter is just singing now – just on previous album. There are also melodic songs like Daily Grind (about football) or The Battle of Wught which sounds like from Bonecrusher. CD is opened by some kind of church chant (Templars I think) and it went fluently into the song My Name is Vengeance. On song Feel the Rage is video on youtube (http://youtu.be/ifIvxgKFqqw) as so as to the Warriors (which kicks you back to the Spreading Fear and Skinheads Are Back age) - http://youtu.be/UMDcKOUcy-M. Songs are completely in English and there are also some classical topics - Who Are You? (like from 4Skins) or Never Fade Away (with great singalong – Razorbalde Foreverer Forever Razorblade) but also some historical songs like – The Battle of Wught (which is depicted on the cover I think), My Name is Vengeance or Under Siege (with great guitar work). Together (including Intro) there is ten songs with playtime around about 20 minutes – simply no fuss no mess. I am glad that the band returns to their older sound and it is proof that return to something is not always a step back. Album is out on CD and LP (three colors, 500 copies). I bet you that you will not put this out of your record player for long time.

Review American Oi:
Razorblade, I’ve been following, liking, listening and supporting for thirteen years already! Been a fan since day one and I have heard these guys grow and get better album by album. Over the years Razorblade has grown into one of the, if not the, the ambassadors of Oi! music and the skinhead subculture out of The Netherlands. Despite some line-up struggles in the past, these guys have always been very productive which have lead to a glorious discography already with “My Name Is Vengeance”, their 7th full-length, about to be added to the impressive list.
If you read the interview I did with singer Wouter already you might have noticed that they wanted to take it back to the roots on this one with a fast, aggressive and in your face sound. Not that Razorblade ever wrote any cheesy pop songs, but on the last records, and in particulair “Days Of Glory”, there was also tons of room for melody in more mid-tempo songs. With “My Name Is Vengeance”, a record that clocks just over 20 minutes, I can say the band has succeeded in taking their style back to how it all began but with the musical experience the band has gained over the years!
“My Name Is Vengeance” kicks-off with the intro “Da Pacem Domine” a chant, or prayer as you will, used by the templars to offer protection. And protection you will need once the first chords of Razorblade come rolling out of your speakers! Because these are without a doubt Razorblade’s hardest, meanest, darkest and most vicious recordings ever, not just in the sound, but in the band’s lyrics as well. It’s all tough as hell, puts your chin up and makes you feel like you can take on the whole world, basically everything you expect from one of the toughest Oi! bands around!
That the band hails from ’s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), The Netherlands breaths through this album. Not just in the historical artwork and themes from songs such as “Feel The Rage”, “The Battle Of Vught” or “Under Siege”, all inspired by situations and battles during the 80 Years’ War (also known as the Dutch War Of Independence), but also in more present themes such as in “Daily Grind”, which is a ode to the ultras of the Blue White Army from the famous M-side terrace of their local football club FC Den Bosch.These are without a doubt my four favorite tracks from this record, but I’d do the five remaining own compositions short with writing that, because every single song on “My Name Is Vengeance” is beast!
Prior to “My Name Is Vengeance” Razorblade managed to deliver a ‘new favorite Razorblade’ album with a new release, but two years ago with “Days Of Glory” I might have thought that the band peaked with that one, but boy was I wrong! The band took the aggro and brickwall Oi! sound of the albums from “Spreading Fear” to “Music For Maniacs” and combined it with the skills, melody and production of “Days Of Glory” to produce one of the most heroic and powerful Oi! albums that ever came out of The Netherlands! My new favorite Razorblade album!

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