Last Stand - Fighting for Survival EP (Black)

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Osmý titul od labelu Vinyl4Bootboys Records je EP kapely Last Stand z Edingburghu.

Eighth title from Vinyl4Bootboys Records is EP from band Last Stand, who comes from Edinburgh. EP contains five songs. 

Side A:
1. Crucified
2. Fighting for Survival
3. Good Night Booth Sides

Side B:
4. Just a Noi!se
5. Night Out

Sample here:

Pressing info:
10 x testpress (Green)
210x black vinyl

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
Daląím sedmipalcem na Vinyl 4 Bootboys je EP od kapely Last Stand, která pochází z Edingburhu a hraje od roku 2011. Kapela hraje v klasickém ?ty??lenném obsazení a její ?lenové pochází z Polska a Itálie. Na desce najdete p?t song? s názvy jako Crucified, Fighting for Survival, Good Night Both Sides, Just a Noi!se a Night Out. První song má hodn? hravou kytaru s rock´n´rollovejma prvkama (hlavn? refrén, který je i sborový). Dvojka Fighting for Survive je asi nejlepąí song z desky a hudebn? mi p?ipomíná kapely z Japonska (hlavn? hlasovou polohou zp?váka). Ve tvorb? kapely se objevují i HC prvky (t?ebas refrén v Good Night Both Sides) nebo ąpinavej rokec alá Motorhead (Just a Noi!se), kde je i fajn kytarový sólo a za?átek alá Ace of Spades. Poslední song mi hudebn? p?ipomíná zase Skrewdriver (op?t hlasem zp?váka, hlavn? v refrénu) a je nejpomalejąí z desky. Textov? je to o nepochopení spole?ností (Crucified), o tom, jak vás oba politické extrémy snaľí vyuľít a p?echytra?it Vás (Good Night Both Sides), problémy s nezam?nstaností (Fighting for Survival) a víkendová zábava p?i muzice a pití (Just a Noi!se a Night Out). Vinyl vychází (jak je zvykem) op?t v limitované edici, tentokráte 200 kousk? na ?erném vinylu + 10 testpress?. Obal je v cajku ? kapela má p?kné logo, na zadní stran? jsou fotky, uvnit? texty a p?kné pod?kování. Grafiku d?lal kytarista z GAN Maks (se kterými i hráli ve Skotsku). Ur?it? zajímavá kapela, která nehraje typicky ostrovní zvuk, coľ je dáno práv? výąe zmi?ovaným sloľením.

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Next 7´´ from Vinyl 4 Bootboys will be EP from the band called Last Stand which comes from Edinburgh and it was found in 2011. The band plays in classic four piece line up and the members comes from Poland and Italy. On EP you may listen to five songs called Crucified, Fighting for Survival, Good Night Both Sides, Just a Noi!se and Night Out. First piece has really catchy guitar with rock´n´roll touches (mainly in refrain which is singalong). Second one Fighting for Survive is the best one from the EP and musically it reminds me bands from Japan (because of the voice level of the singer). In other songs you may hear touches of HC (like the refrain in Good Night Both Sides) or dirty rock like Motorhead (Just a Noi!se) with great guitar and start like Ace of Spades. The last song sounds like Skrewdriver to me (again because of the vocal of the singer in refrain) and it is the slowest piece from the EP. Lyrics are about misunderstanding by society (Crucified), about the fact how both sides of political spectrum wants to exploit you and how they think that you are stupid (Good Night Both Sides), problems with unemployment (Fighting for Survival) or weekend fun with music and booze (Just a Noi!se and Night Out). Vinyl is out in limited edition of 200 copies on black wax + 10 testpressings. Cover is OK, the band has nice logo, on the backside are some photos, inside are lyrics and thankslist. Graphics was made by guitarist from GAN, Maks (they played with them in Scotland). Really interesting band which is not playing typical sound from Isles which is caused by the line-up mentioned above.

Review American Oi:
Last Stand hail from Edinburgh, UK and consists of Italian, Polish and Australian (although Aussie Shamus is not on the recordings I am about to review) members. For some reason, most likely not the sunny weather, these guys wound up in the capital of Scotland and started up this four piece Oi! band in 2011. Now it?s 2014 and the band is about to release their, of what I think, debut EP ?Fighting For Survival? on Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records.

I received a digital advance copy of this release and I am surprised it?s being released on a 7?. Not because Vinyl 4 Bootboys has some excellent 10? releases (DDC, Tailgunner, Lion Fight) up their sleeves, but because of the running time. With a total of five songs that clock well over 15 minutes this piece of wax must be jam packed and at its max of what that little 7? record can handle. But the test pressing got it?s okay from the label so I am sure this won?t affect play on the final product, because that would be a shame.

As said, ?Fighting For Survival? contains five tracks and besides the title track you?ll also find the songs ?Crucified?, ?Good Night Both Sides?, ?Just A nOi!se? and ?Saturday Night Out?. Band members describe their sound as a mix of Oi!, hardcore and streetpunk, to me Last Stand is pure Oi! music with small hints of hardcore in ?Good Night Both Sides?, which is also the shortest track on the record. Although these guys might reside in the United Kingdom you can definitely hear back the influences of bands that track back to their mother lands with a sound that differs from the latest wave of British close shave like No Quarter or Queensbury Rules.

I have to admit, I had to get used a bit to Last Stand?s style. Once I got used to it I really started to appreciate their sound of which the easiest way to describe is as a mix of The Templars, early Skrewdriver and a small dose of Motörhead. Support new bands and support small independent labels and check out ?Fighting For Survival? by Last Stand out soon on Vinyl 4 Bootboys!

Review Oi! Of America:
Have you ever heard a record and on the first listen you are think, "Um, it's ok, not bad, not amazing"? Well, that's this album. But, on third and fourth listen, this album has a sound and punch-to-the-face charm that I really like. By reading the song names you know right away this is no fucking around skinhead music. For me, their sound is a mix of The Templars, Motorhead, and Close Shave. All wins in my book. The vocals are gruff and heavy. It may take a listen or two to get used to them. But trust me, you are going to want to take those extra listens. This band has banged out five solid boot stompers. 
A nice guitar solo starts off "Crucified." Then the song goes into a riff-heavy Oi! rocker. The buildup on the chorus and the rocking backbeat cuts the heavy vocals and blends well together to create a fucking solid song. A dark bass line and thumping drums kick down the door on "Fighting For Survival." The song has a dark, rage-filled feel that complements the angry-as-fuck vocals. 
  The bass lines flow on "Good Night Both Sides." The song if filled with heavy bass and drums and just enough hardcore to get their point across. The vocals snarl and spit venom in the shortest song on the album. Like a jab to the nose, it's sudden, but the sting stays with you for a while. "Just A Noi!se" has that Motorhead feel that I was talking about. The sound is rocking and fun. This is a track that you can drink to with ease, as I am right the fuck now. A thick riff intro starts off "Night Out." It's a mid-tempo rocker tune that has that great Chiswick sound. Fans of the Cliches should listen to this track. It's another song that keeps my arm bending to my face so the glory that is beer will meet my mouth in harmony with this song. 
This is a real solid first single from this upstart band. Trust me, listen to it three or four times and it will grow on you for sure. Thanks to the label for sending it to me and thanks to the band for not sucking.
For fans of: The Templars, Chiswick Records, The Cliches, Close Shave, and Razorblade.

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