Antagonizers ATL ‎? Hold Your Ground 7"EP (?ervený/Red)


Antagonizers ATL is like a shotgun to your soul of good ol? dirty rock ?n roll. Expect plenty of guitar work, backup vocals and sing-a-longs on this debut vinyl release from this Atlanta-based band featuring Bohdan of VIBRAM 94 fame on vocals, Billy Fields on bass of HR (BAD BRAINS) fame as well as other members of former bands such as ANTI-HEROS, CONDEMNED 84, THE GLORY and A.P.A.


Side A: 
A1 Hate Rock 
A2 Believe

Side B: 
B1 City Boy 
B2 Hold Your Ground

Pressing info: 
100 black vinyl 
200 red vinyl 
200 red white black splatter vinyl

Review American Oi: 
Antagonizers ATL got a split 7? coming up with my boys from DDC on Rebel Sound Records of which I am super stoked to get my hands on. But that won?t be Antagonizers ATL?s first release, in 2012 the band released the digital ?Just My Luck? EP and last year the band released their first piece on vinyl in the form of a 7? called ?Hold Your Ground? on Longshot Music. 

This record was also part of the Under One Flag Series (number 25 to be more precise) and with the whole series in my possession I must have heard it at least once, but to be fairly honest, I can?t recall what I?ve actually heard and what ended up straight away in my collection (yes, I should be ashamed of myself). But with this promo, sent with the courtesy of PR lady Sara, Antagonizers ATL got a second chance up here and they do not disappoint a single bit! 

These Antagonizers out of Atlanta play heavily inspired rock ?n? roll fueled streetpunk and do this with class. Vocalist Bodhan you might recognize from the classic Vibram 94 EP?s or the underestimated ?Dirty Byrd? LP from Cut Throat on the legendary Knock Out Records in its glory days back in ?98. Other members haven?t been sitting around doing nothing in the music industry either. Most noticeable experience must be from bassist Billy though, that your folks might know from the funk rock/metal band Follow For Now, who had their major label debut, and also only release, in the early 90?s. Just a fun fact though, so don?t be fooled, because ?Hold Your Ground? is 100% streetmusic! 

If you like your streetpunk with a heavy dose of rock ?n? roll influences you need to check these guys out. Labels take notice as well. Along with ?Hold Your Ground? I received five demo recordings of their upcoming full-length and they?re looking for a label to publish this so grab this chance, solid and proper streetrock ?n? roll from Atlanta?s backstreets and alleyways!

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