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The ninth title from Vinyl4Bootboys which is full lenght album from Canadian band Out Of Order which will be called "Better Days". It will be released in an edition of 65 pieces on black vinyl with special artwork, 158 pcs as blue vinyl with white splatter with normal artwork and 10 testpress. Below you can read the reviews. 

Side A: 
1. Dog Bite 
2. Keeping Score 
3. Bad Reputation 
4. The Forgotten 
5. Better Days

Side B: 
6. Jackels 
7. Hang Up Your Boots (Slapshot cover) 
8. Riot 
9. Your So Sad (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Cover) 
10. Goodbyes 
11. No Way Out

Pressing info: 
65 black vinyl with special artwork 
158 blue vinyl with white splatter with normal artwork 
10x testpressing clear red

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
Out of Order je kanadská kapela (Montreal), která existuje uľ 13 let, ale popravd? pro m? byla kapelou naprosto neznámou. Tohle album bylo nahráno tento rok a Vinyl 4 Bootboys se rozhodli ho vydat na desce. Na desce najdete celkem jedenáct song?, a a? je kapela z francouzsky mluvící provincie, tak zpívají anglicky (p?vodn? totiľ pochází z Halifaxu). Jinak banda hraje v klasický ?ty??lenný sestav?. Hudebn? je to streetrock (t?eba Bad Reputation), ale najdete tu i více punk rockové songy (jako t?eba Goodbyes nebo The Forgotten), ale i v?ci, které jsou spíąe do HC (t?eba Riot). Americký zvuk a drive je samoz?ejmostí, stejn? tak jako spole?né refrény a chorály (t?eba Keeping Score) a sólova kytara (namádkou songy jako Better Days nebo Jackals). V songu You´re So Bad zazní i akustická kytara. Skute?n? tém?? kaľdý song je jiný, co se tý?e tempa, melodie a n?kdy i stylu. Album mám zatím jen digitáln?, takľe texty jsem zkusil odposlechout, takľe ur?it? válka a padlí vojáci, kult skins a ąpatná reputace, která ho provází, násilí nebo t?eba o lou?ení, která jsou vľdy bolestná. Jedná se v?bec o první dvanáctipalcové LP, které bylo vydané na Vinyl 4 Bootboys, které hodn? vydává mén? známé kapely z poza velké louľe a to ľe má cit pro kvalitu, potvrzuje i tato deska.

American Oi 
Out Of Order hails from Montreal, Canada and was formed in 2001. I wasn?t familiar with these guys until, well *ahum*, earlier today (june 12, 2014) when I received a message from vocalist Scott if I was interested in doing a review of Out Of Order?s brand new album ?Better Days?, sure why not? So here we go. 
Apparently it took these guys about one and a half years to record and perfection this 11 track full-length, and I got to say, they did a pretty good job at perfecting this record. What you get on ?Better Days? are almost a dozen of highly Oi! influenced streetrock ?n? roll tracks with a real tough and heavy sound to it with a metal guitar thrown in here and there. The first band that would come to my mind with a description like that is Troopers from Germany, but also Discipline, Bricktop and bands like Blood For Blood and Sheer Terror come to mind while listening to Out Of Order. Funny because there?s a cover of Slapshot?s ?Hang Up Your Boots? on here. 
The other 10 songs that ?Better Days? count are mainly up-tempo with a few exceptions such as title track ?Better Days?, really love the guitar solos, lyrics and chorus on that one, real catchy and a bit of melancholy in it, probably my favorite track on this record, though there is nothing wrong with the other 9 songs on here, because despite the heavy sound Out Of Order made a real catchy record with ?Better Days? that you want to check out if you are into any of the earlier mentioned bands. 
I don?t think ?Better Days? has officially been released yet. So keep an eye out on Out Of Order?s Facebook page and stay up to date. They also got a little summer tour coming up through Canada and the USA so if you got to chance go check this band out live and pick up this album at one of their shows!

Oi! Of America: 
Story time.... 
So Last year in Milwaukee I saw this band, and I thought they were good. Pretty solid street punk kinda like a mix of the Street Dogs and The Forgotten. I got their first album sent to me by their singer Scott and it was a solid street punker with touches of really good. maybe a little to cookie cutter for me but solid. I told him I would review and............... I never got around to it. Sorry Scott life is busy and honestly I put on the back burner. So Time for a new Out Of Order record and Scott sends me a download of the record. So in my pea brain I thought I will get a review on this album. I owe them for not reviewing the first album. Today at 4:00 pm on my long journey home I hit play on my I-Pod. This is not a solid street rocker that may be a little to safe for me. Fuck no it is not. This album is a quantum leap forward. 
The album bristles with rancor and spits fucking venom. With a dense attitude that is soaked in rancor. Sonically the album juts and lurches with Oi!, Hardcore Punk, and Uk82 sounds. Out of Order makes all this seem seamless by welding it all together with the muscular intensity of bands like Motorhead and Discharger. 
From the first guitar lick of "dogbite" I knew this album was a step up for these guys. But as the song and album developed I felt my lip snarl up and those old flames of anger and discontent bellow up in my old, cold dark heart. The bottom end clobbers the rhythm which sets up a fist pumping chorus. steeped in the energy of early punk and early Rock & Roll. Fucking pure anger. Not only has the band developed musically Scott the singer has gotten stronger and developed a voice that is powered with rage a snarl. Really good. His voice reminds me of Tim Steinfort from Discharger. 
Guitars that burn like the first Bastards record starts off the mid tempo stranglehold that is "Bad Reputation". Scott's voice reaches out and grabs you by the balls and does not let go. The kick of the drums picks up the power and the bass lines lays down the heart stopping pulse on this stellar track. Sirens kick off "The Forgotten" that kicks and seethes with fury. Dark lyrics delivered with the fury of a man fighting for his life. The guitar sound is awesome. Bass lines that sound like the welcome call for hell and hard rock guitar licks lay the ground work for "Better Day". A Emotional song that should be a calling card for the guitar players in this band. 
For me the top track is "Jackels". The drums shake my bones and the bass sucks the air out of the room. The lead singer uses his big voice to suck all the marrow out of some great lyrics that paint strong imagery. "Riot" is violent with a sweet guitar solo. They mix it up with the street punker "Goodbyes". Two Good covers and songs like " Keeping The Score" and "No Way Out" fill out the album perfectly. They may not be as good as "jackels" or "Dog Bite" but are still solid for this album and I can think of some bands these tracks would be their best songs. 
The kicker is, Out Of order does not have a record label to put it out. I believe the band is going to try to self release some copies on CD to tour with and Vinyl4Bootboys is going to do some very limited color pressing on vinyl. This album deserves a full blown release. If I had a label I would put it out on gate fold with full lyrics sheets to show of the talent. That is what I feel this album deserves. Any labels that read my blog if you like to put out good records reach out to these guys and Put this hammer out!! 
half way through the year and this is in contention for top ten releases of this year. 
4.85 out of 5.00 Oi!'s 
For fans of: The Blitz, Oxymoron, The Boils, Alternate Action, The Forgotten, Discharger, Razorblade, the Blue Bloods, One Way System, Hardsell, Sniper 66, and Damage Case.

Review Backstreet Battalion: 
Out of Order is Canadian band based in Montreal which exists for 13 years but for me it was quite unknown band. This album was released some years before on CD and Vinyl 4 Bootboys put their stuff on LP. On LP you may listen to 11 songs in English (which is quite unusual for band from Quebec but they came originally from Halifax). They are playing in four piece classic line up. Musically it is streetrock (like Bad Reputation song) but you may listen to more punk rock tunes (like Goodbyes or The Forgotten) but also songs which are more into HC (Riot). You will hear typical American sound plus singalong refrains and chants (like in Keeping Score) and solo guitar (like in songs Better Days or Jackals). In song You´re So Bad you may listen to acoustic guitar at the beginning. Each song is different little bit in rhythm, melody and sometimes in style. I have the album just in digital format so I know just some lyrics which are about wars and fallen soldiers, skinhead cult and its bad reputation, violence, farewells which are always difficult, etc? It is first 12´´ LP which was released by Vinyl 4 Bootboys which becomes specialist on unknown bands from across the ocean and this proves again that the label has the sense on quality.

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