One Last Round - s/t 7" EP Artwork "Skinhead? (Black vinyl)

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P?ti-pís?ové EP od ?ecké hardcore kapely One Last Round. V této kapele hrají ?lenové kapel jako: Soberphobia, Ten Beers After, Smoking Barrels, Χατ Τρικ (Hat Trick).

English version:
Five songs 7" EP from Greek hardcore band One Last Round. 
This band consists of members from bands: Soberphobia, Ten Beers After, Smoking Barrels, Χατ Τρικ (Hat Trick).

Side A: 
1. More Than This 2:25 
2. Wannabe 2:31

Side B: 
3. Stupid Mistakes 1:44 
4. No For An Answer 1:15 
5. Athens By Night 2:16


Band bio: 
We met in a dark, damp and dirty alleyway five years ago. We've been experimenting since, doing absolutely nothing. In the mornings for diversion, we have regular office jobs but in the evening we lead dangerous local gangs and abuse musical instruments and our livers. With minimal effort and no trouble we are now releasing our first EP through Lonewolf Productions and in the future we hope to conquer the top of nothing. Dreamy and ethereal hardcore tunes gathered in a 7'' disc full of joyful and hard to find melodic gems. Like psychotherapy but cheaper.

Pressing Information
10x Test pressing (clear vinyl)

200x Black vinyl - 2 versions: 
1. Artwork ?Skinhead? (Limited 75pcs) 
2. Artwork "Skeleton? (Limited 125pcs)


Backstreet Battalion:
Debutové EP ?ecké HC kapele vychází na Lone Wolf Productions (taktéľ debut pro toto vydavatelství) v po?tu 200 kousk? (125 kousk? a 75 s jiným obalem) plus 10 testpres?. Deska obsahuje celkem p?t anglicky zpívaných písní ? More than this, Wannabe, Stupid Mistakes, No for an Answer a Athens by Night. ?lenové kapel mají zkuąenosti s hraním v bandách jako t?eba Soberphobia, Ten Beers After nebo Smoking Barrels a v tomto projektu hrají asi 5 let. Hudebn? je to st?ední aľ rychlejąí tempo s hodn? temným zvukem, zp?v je sice k?i?ený, ale není hrubý, takľe je mu pom?rn? dob?e rozum?t. V n?kterých písních (t?eba Athens By Night nebo Wannabe) pomáhají zp?vákovi ve zp?vu i daląí ?lenové kapely a práv? ve Wanabe je to p?knej singalong. V tomto songu taky uslyąíte fajn vyhrávku. Jinak najdete tu m?n?ní tempa b?hem jednoho songu práv? ze st?edního po sypec a obrácen? (t?eba v songu Stupid Mistakes) a t?eba první song nezní na za?átku ani moc hardcorov?, ale v jeho pr?b?hu se m?ní rytmus bicích. Songy si m?ľete poslechnout na stránce kapely a objednat se dá na odkazu dole. Songy mají cca od 1:15 do 2:30 minut. Hudebn? je to tvrdąí po?in, ale zase ne?ekejte upln? n?jaký neposlouchatlený nát?r.

Backstreet Battalion:
Debut EP from this Greek HC band is out on Lone Wolf Productions (also their debut release) in 200 copies (125 with this cover and 75 with different one) plus 10 testpressings. EP contains five songs in English called More than this, Wannabe, Stupid Mistakes, No for an Answer and Athens by Night. Band members used to play in bands like Soberphobia, Ten Beers After or Smoking Barrels and in this project they have been playing for five years. Music is in middle/faster rhythm with darker sound and shouted but not rough vocals which is easy to understand. In some songs (Athens By Night or Wannabe) other members help singer with vocals and in the song Wanabe is great singalong. In this song is also fine guitar solo. You will find here classic changing in the rhythm in one song from slower to faster and vice versa (like in Stupid Mistakes) and the first song for example doesn´t sound too much HC for me (at the beginning) but during its playtime there are some changes in drums rhythm. You may check their songs on the webpage of the band and you may order it on the link below. Songs have playtime from 1:15 to 2:30 minutes. Harder EP but do not expect something unlistenable.

American Oi:
Lonewolf Productions is a brand new label that will be specializing themselves in limited edition vinyl releases of new and yet established bands. The first release by Lonewolf Productions will be the debut EP of the Greek hardcore formation One Last Round, a brand new band that consists of members of other Greek Oi! and ska bands such as Soberphobia, Ten Beers After and the Smoking Barrels.
With this self-titled 7? One Last Round busts out five slammers, that despite the label ?hardcore? are jammed with Oi! and skinhead influences. Not that weird of course if you know what other bands One Last Round?s members were, or still are, active in and it?s something I personally don?t mind at all! I wouldn?t say it gives the band its own face, because if you listen to the band?s sound and take a look at the artwork that is being used for this release it shows very strong resemblances on both fronts to a band such as Life Trap from Brazil or the Oi!-fused UKHC monsters of Violent Reaction, though not as powerful yet.
But still, songs like ?More Than This?, ?Wannabe?, ?Stupid Mistakes?, ?No For An Answer? and ?Athens By Night? are full of energetic mid ?and up-tempo tracks, melody and sing-along gang vocals that make this a pretty damn good debut release for both Lonewolf Productions and One Last Round! If you like your hardcore with some Oi! on the side you got to make sure to give these Athens? skins a listen!

Review Oi! Of America:
One Last Round is made up of pieces from Greek bands like Ten Beers After, Smoking Barrels, and Soberphobia. Even though they come from Oi! and Ska bands One Last Round is a Hardcore band with a skinhead attitude. I for one am a huge fan of all the skinhead hardcore bands popping up these days. Lone Wolf Productions is a new label and this is their debut album. For both the band and the label I say, good job. 
   I did not get a hard copy of this album yet, I downloaded it from band camp.  You know it when you hear it, the sound. The sound that I hunt like Ahab hunted his whale. It differs from band to band but you know it when you hear it. On the title track "More Then This" the band got so close to the sound. With a deep grove and a riff sound that has a slight Motorhead sound this song kicks ass. The end of the song were you would normally have a big violent breakdown these guys nail us with a melodic and haunting chorus that felt like Suicidal Tendencies.  A spoken clip from the movie Hooligan Factory is how "Wanna Be" kicks off.  A thick grove and hard vocals are the standouts on this track of calling people on their bullshit. They do not bring anything new to the sound of hardcore. The band just does it right with heart! The more I listen to this song the better it gets! it is fucking spot on!
   Heavy plodding bottom end is the back bone for "Stupid Mistakes". It starts of with a deep weighty groove in the rhythm section and heavy mid tempo riffs that could smash icebergs! then the song blasts in to a rapid fire assault and then back to that deep groove. Fucking great use of tempo changes and rhythm to keep it all together.  With a primitive vibe and angry as fuck gang chants "No For An Answer" kicks ass! Great use of call and response vocals which ride over a basic but well executed gut punch of music.  With a beat that would fit in most street rock bands comes the riff heavy "Athens By Night". Again nice use of vocal structure to give the song some texture. These guys remind me of bands like Spider Crew, Bulldog Courage and Coldside to name a few. Like the bands I listed these guys do a great job of sprinkling Oi! in to their hardcore with out diluting the heaviness or aggression of the sound. As last year was the year of Mod inspired Oi! bands this year may be the year Oi! inspired hardcore bands. I am cool with that. I am also cool with this debut album. A very nice solid piece of hardcore with a Oi! attitude. The sound is not over produced and keeps a vintage sound with out sounding dated or weak. Solid singer who uses his strength of emotion very well. Love the groove in the bottom end and the riffs that hit like Motorhead are always a good thing in my book. 

For fans of : Coldside, Impact Zone, Spider Crew, Bulldog Courage, Wisdom In Chains, and Complaint.

Review Metal Invader:
One Last Round?s first EP dropped like a flood in the stagnant area of the Greek old school hardcore scene. Even though, during the last years, there?s a lot of good and steady punk rock bands on one hand and brutal hardcore / metallic hardcore bands on the other hand, old school hardcore acts are definitely missing. So, OLR were formed in 2010 but, since almost all their members were/are playing in other local bands (like The Smoking Barrels, Soberphobia, Ten Beers After and Hat Trick), they have just played a few shows around Athens without releasing anything or being that active. This changed a few months ago when OLR unleashed a bunch of songs in the social media channels, announcing that they are gonna team up with -the Czech Republic based- Lone Wolf Productions for their first release ever, that comes in 7″ format.

The self-titled 7″ includes 5 songs of old school hardcore music with a lot of oi! / punk rock touches. OLR are undoubtedly influenced by the 80?s/90?s NYHC (see Warzone, Madball, Breadkown& Agnostic Front), Boston hardcore bands like Slapshot, European ones like True Blue and Backfire and, also, slightly by the old and new era of oi! / hardcore scene, bringing in my mind 86 Mentality, Iron Boots, Commitment Crew and Violent Reaction.

If I had to pick a ?favorite song?, I?d choose ?More than this? that starts with a heavy punk rock / hardcore rhythm and ends with a more rock-ish edge, not unlike ?Supertouch? or ?Underdog?. Lyrically, they are focused on personal or everyday issues including stupid mistakes, friendship and Athens city (their hometown) by night, while they also criticize today?s hardcore scene (?Wannabe?).

The 7″ will be available in the second half of April (limited in 200 copies, packaged in a kickass artwork) and the band will play a couple of shows the next month promoting it. Keep an eye on them!


Rockin Athens
Τα τελευταία χρόνια στη χώρα μας, δόξα τω Βελζεβούλ, έχουμε μία μεγάλη άνθηση σε μουσικά είδη και μπάντες. Βέβαια θα ήθελα να δω περισσότερες punk/hardcore μπάντες να ξεπετιούνται όπως παλιά? Και εκεί που τα λέω αυτά σκάνε οι One Last Round με το εφτάιντσο ντεμπούτο τους σαν να μου λένε ?Tι λες ρε μαλάκα; Κι εμείς τι κάνουμε εδώ; Μπρίκια κολλάμε;?

Oι One Last Round αποτελούνται απο μέλη των Soberphobia, Ten Beers After και Χάτ Τρίκ. Ακούγοντας και μόνο αυτά τα τρία ονόματα καταλαβαίνεις ότι πρόκειται για άτομα που ξέρουν πολύ καλά τι κάνουν. Πρόσφατα ηχογράφησαν το ντεμπούτο τους το οποίο θα κυκλοφορήσει στα μέσα του Απρίλη σε 200 περιορισμένες κόπιες, αλλά ήδη υπάρχει στο Bandcamp όπου και το άκουσα.

Το ΕΡ περιέχει πέντε κομμάτια ατόφιου punk/hardcore χωρίς να λείπουν και τα Oi! στοιχεία. Ένα sample από την ταινία ?Hooligan Factory? ακούγεται κατά την έναρξη και αμέσως μετά όλα παίρνουν φωτιά έτσι όπως πρέπει. Κιθαριστικά γκάζια, μελωδικά sing alongs αλλά και βρώμικα hardcore φωνητικά, ενώ τα τύμπανα βαράνε στο γνωστό old school ρυθμό του-πα-του του-πα αυξάνοντας συνεχώς ταχύτητα. Σε κάποιες φάσεις μου θύμισαν τους Madball και σε άλλες τους Sick Of It All, καθώς και τους Agnostic Front. Άλλωστε δεν γίνεται να παίζεις αυτή τη μουσική χωρίς να έχεις αγαπήσει και επηρεαστεί από αυτές τις μπάντες. Οι One Last Round λοιπόν έχουν πάρει όλα τα καλά στοιχεία από τις παραπάνω μπάντες και έχουν κάνει το δικό τους μίγμα, φτιάχνοντας τον δικό τους προσωπικό ήχο. Ελπίζω κάποια στιγμή στο μέλλον να δούμε και full album από τα παιδιά.

Οne last round of beers, one last round of shots and ?One Last Round? on the stereo until it blows up!

Υ.Γ: To artwork του ΕΡ απλά γαμάει!

Ineffect Hardcore:
Hardcore straight outta South Central... Greece that is. One Last Round has been around for about 5 years and admittedly have not done much as a band to date. They claim to have regular office jobs by day and lead dangerous local gangs by night as well as abusing musical instruments and their livers. Who doesn't like a light hearted take on those tell you nothing bios that accompany most new releases? "Wannabe" kicks things off and after a rather odd soundbite intro from a 2014 movie called ?The Hooligan Factory? we are introduced to OLR's style which grabbed me from the get go. "Wannabe" basically deals with posers and in this case someone who stole mommy's credit card and went to the mall to get all hardcored up on a shopping spree. No one pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini... or in this case One Last Round so give it up posers!
After a nice fast paced opener "Stupid Mistakes" is up next and starts off as a mid-paced head nodding jam that bursts into full speed ahead mode around the 30 second mark. Influence wise I would take a guess that OLR has listened to their share of old school NYHC of all flavors. If I had to come up with an FFO (for fans of) thing-a-ma-jig I would feel confident in saying if you liked what the Gorilla Biscuits were doing you will be on board with OLR's sound (vocals aside). Their sound is not a reinvention of the hardcore wheel per say but catchy with grooves and tempo changes that made me want to go back and throw this EP on.
What OLR does they do well and are particularly good at the mosh with all of these songs having definitive breakdowns or sing-a-long parts that seem tailor made to make a packed crowd go off. On "More Than This" and "Athens At Night" the lyrics paint a bleak picture of life in the big city in modern day Greece. So overall we get 5 songs in 11 minutes from this (sorta) new band that basically came out of nowhere with a nice debut surprise. Another reason to go out and seek new music. It doesn't always come knocking on your door introducing itself but when you find a good band like this it makes the search for the next one all the more fun.

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