Tattooed Mother Fuckers ? Straightjacket Symphonies CD

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1 Intro 
2 Medicated Nation 
3 Renegade 
4 F.T.S (We've Gotta) 
5 You Ain't A Member (Working Class) 
6 My Dark PAssenger 
7 Standing Steady 
8 Leave Me Alone 
Written-By ? Angelic Upstarts 
9 Love Manifests Itself Through My Hate 
10 Kick To Kill 
Written-By ? Guttersnipe Army 
11 Mad Mad World 
12 TMF Crew 
13 I Hate You 
14 The World's Gone Mental 
15 Insane

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
Symfonie ze sv?rací kazajky ? to je název ?tvrtého regulérního alba od Tattooed Motherfuckers. Celkem na n?m najdete patnáct písni?ek, v?etn? mluveného intra, dvou cover? (Leave Me Alone od Angelic Upstarts, kterou nahráli i Braindance na albu Delusions of Grandeur a Kick to Kill od Guttersnipe Army, oba s troąku upravenými texty) a song? Fuck the System a I Hate You ze singlu Fuck the System. Takľe to po?ád máme deset nových v?cí, coľ je sluąný. Jinak TMF nahráli album v p?ti, tzn., ľe nabrali druhého kytaristu. Muzika se díky druhé kyta?e stala více vyhranou (Standing Steady nebo Fuck the System), ale po?ád to jsou sta?í dob?í TMF (od jejich debutu Hate Edge uplynulo uľ 11 let), kte?í to do vás naperou svoji nasraností, která zní z kytarových riff? a hlavn? ze zp?vu (výmluvnej je asi název songu Love Manifests Itself Through My Hate, kterej i ukázkov? reprezentuje hudební styl TMF). Texty se v?nují nap?íklad národu, který je závislý na lécích (Medicated Nation), tribut song pro seriálového Dextera, který zakro?í, kdyľ justice selľe (My Dark Passanger), potom prostej song o tom ? nelíbí se ti muzika TMF? Fajn neposlouchej to a nekupuj to, ale nestarej se o n? (Standing Steady), pak dva songy o ąíleném sv?t?, který ovládají stejn? cvaklý politici (Mad Mad World a The World´s Gone Mental) a záv?re?ný Insane o tom, ľe ąílení jsme vlastn? vąichni. Taky u skoro kaľdýho songu je za?átek nebo konec opep?enej n?jakou filmovou hláąkou. Booklet je proti ostatním album od TMF troąku víc odfláknutej, ľádný fotky kérek nebo ?len? kapely, ale jen texty na bílém podklad? s krvavými skvrnami. Na album sedí parafráze od ?ezníka ?po?ád jenom hejt a tak to má bejt?. Klasika od TMF.

Review American Oi: 
It?s been a while since the last Tattooed Mother Fuckers full-length was released, 2009 to be more precise. Sure, a mini-album, a split record and several (split-)EP?s saw the light of day since then, of which 2014?s ?Fuck The System? was the last one in line. But now the tattooed mob is back with ?Straightjacket Symphonies?, firing 14 rounds, excluding the intro, of hate edge rock ?n? fuckin? roll!

If you are familiar with T.M.F.?s previous work, and whether you love or hate ?em I am pretty sure you are, you know these guys sound like an angry and violent pack of wolves ready to lynch each and every one that crosses their path. ?Straightjacket Symphonies? is no exception and with the lyrics of a song such as ?Standing Steady? T.M.F. is putting their money where their mouth is stating they don?t need no leaders, dictators, bully boys or imitators and they?ll face anyone who begs the differ.

Musically T.M.F. reminds me to The Exploited?s ?Beat The Bastards? era from time to time and lyrics from songs such as ?Fuck The System?, ?I Hate You? (both previously released on the 2014 EP), ?Mad Mad World? and ?The World?s Gone Mental? could have been straight off an Exploited album. Nonetheless these are four of my favorites of ?Straightjacket Symphonies?, along with their tribute to the fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan in ?My Dark Passenger?. Besides their own symphonies T.M.F. also stomps out two, surprising, classic British Oi! tracks in the form of covers originally recorded by the Angelic Upstarts (?Leave Me Alone?) and Guttersnipe Army (?Kick To Kill?), good stuff!

The perfect soundtrack for those who can let the past be the past and are in for some good old loud, proud and drunken? thug rock!

Review Backstreet Battalion: 
Straightjacket Symphonies is the title of fourth TMF album. Together you may listen here to 15 songs including spoken Intro, two covers (Leave Me Alone from Angelic Upstarts, which you may know also from Braindance album Delusions of Grandeur and Kick to Kill from Guttersnipe Army, both with changed lyrics) and songs Fuck the System and I Hate You from single Fuck the System. So it means still ten new songs which is OK. TMF recorded this album in five which means they have second guitarist and their music becomes more playful (like solos in Standing Steady or Fuck the System) but they are still good old TMF (from their Hate Edge debut passed 11 years) whose smack you down due to their guitar riffs and angry vocals (the title of one song speaks for itself - Love Manifests Itself Through My Hate and it also represents TMF music style) Lyrics are about the nation which is adcited to drugs and medicaments (Medicated Nation), tribute song for Dexter Morgan who is here when justice failed (My Dark Passanger), then simple song about the fact ? you don´t like TMF music, ok do not listen to it, do not buy it but also do not care about them (Standing Steady) and two songs about mad world which is controlled by mad politicians (Mad Mad World and The World´s Gone Mental) and the last one Insane about the fact that all of us are insane. Also on each song is intro or outro from some movie. Booklet is poor compared to previous TMF booklets?there is no tattoo or band photos, just lyrics on white paper with bloodstains. Another TMF´s classics.

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