The Hairdryers - Obessions 10" (?erný/Black)

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First release of the new Punk/Rock band from La Costera (Valencia) with some Oi! band Join the Rejects ex-members. Vinyl edition of 500 copies (100 copies comes with limited yellow vinyl). The HairDryers Born in 2011 as a band of Punk with Rock tendencies, classic bands as: 999, Social Distorsion, The Jam, Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, Templars, Dictators, Slaugther and The Dogs, Ramones, Molly Hatchet, Lynkyn Skynyrd... are a few of the many bands that influence their sound. 6 tracks!


Side A: 
1. Settling Accounts 
2. Heat Guns 
3. Save the Vinyl

Side B: 
4. One More Lie 
5. Moments of Pain 
6. Obssesions

Pressing info: 
100x Yellow vinyl 
400x Black vinyl

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: 4S2015001
  • Výrobce: Common People Records

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Čtvrtek 09. červenec 2015.

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