The Guttersnipes - The Poor Dress Up 12" LP (Black)



Side A: 
A1 Funny Old World 
A2 Forgotten Men 
A3 Sale Of The Century 
A4 On Fire 
A5 Addicted to Love 
A6 The Hate Game 
A7 Love's Young Dream

Side B: 
B1 The Love Game 
B2 Time Of Our Lives 
B3 Guns And Rockets 
B4 Today (It's Happening) 
B5 They're Telling Me! 
B6 Addicted To Love (Single Version)

Pressing info:

410x Black vinyl 
110x White vinyl

Review American Oi: 
The Guttersnipes - The Poor Dress Up 
Common People Records 

Reissues, they can be a real pain in the ass to collectors, those who preserve the original and the few who think the value of their $80,- pressing will increase. Personally, I welcome reissues that have been (long) out of print. Not everyone was instantly ‘loud, proud and punk’ (or even born) in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or whenever the album originally came out. Therefor not everyone had the opportunity to pick up an original copy of this or that record when it was released in , nor does everyone has the cash to keep on buying first press after first press. 

With other words, I don’t see why an album, or a band in general, should just be owned by an exclusive group of people who happened to be around at the right place and the right time. Apparently Catalonian label Common People Records agrees with the above rant, at least for a small portion of it, because our friends from Barcelona just released their first ever reissue in the form of UK’s The Guttersnipes’ debut album; “The Poor Dress Up”! 

“The Poor Dress Up” was originally released as a twelve track LP back in 1989 by Razor Records and got released on CD seven years later by Captain Oi! with the single version of “Addicted To Love” as a bonus-track. So, 27 years later, it was about time The Guttersnipes’ (who are still active until this day) debut full-length got a proper reissue and Common People Records did a nifty job at doing so. Obviously the 2015 vinyl version of “The Poor Dress Up” is an exact copy of Captain Oi!’s 1996 CD release, so you’ll find a total of thirteen catchy, sometimes a bit poppy, punk-rock classics in the same range of bands such as the Buzzcocks, The Vibrators, Toy Dolls and The Undertones. 

Now I have to come clean here, before this reissue I probably only knew the song “Addicted To Love” by The Guttersnipes! I knew the name, I just didn’t get to their albums (a problem I have with more of the older British punk bands), but with re-release of “The Poor Dress Up” they definitely gained my attention! The album is filled with melody, great hooks and catchy, upbeat songs that make me want to look into them further than just this song and just this record. Thank you Common People!

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