Bishops Green - A chance to change CD

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1. Lost Generation
2. Specter
3. We Got Nothing
4. Resistance
5. Government Lies
6. Dead and Gone
7. Caged
8. Defiance
9. Ship To Shore
10. Invisible
11. Can't Walk Away
12. Soldier

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
Třetí album téhle kanadské partičky nese název A Chance to Change a hnedka na prvné pohled mě zaujal jejich obal, který plně koresponduje s názvem (Šance na změnu) a určitě je o 100% lepší, než obal minulé desky Pressure. Kapela zatím drží laťku co rok, to jedno album (2013 – s/t, 2014 – Pressure a nyní toto). Na LP najdete celkem 12 songů stylu, na který jste od kapely zvyklí. Střední tempo, které podbarvuje basa se stupnicovými vyhrávkami (hnedka začátek Lost Geenration, Caged nebo Can´t Walk Away) a Gregův vokál, kterému je parádně rozumět a občasné kytarové sólo (třeba v Specter, We´ve Got Nothing nebo Dead and Gone). Kapela opět kritizuje současné poměry v jejich zemi, které jsou dány prolhanou vládou (Government Lies, což je po hudební stránce jeden z nej songů na desce, hlavně refrén, kde jede zpěv jen s bicími a na jehož kousek se můžete podívat zde dále jsou songy o vrozeném právu odporovat, který má každý z nás, ale jen někdo ho využívá ve své existenci (Resistance) nebo svoboda, která vás čeká po tom, co rozboříte klece, které vás svazují (Caged, což je další parádní song). Super je také předposlední píseň Can´t Walk Away ,která je v nostalgickém pomalejším rytmu a moc se mi líbí její instrumentální závěr před posledním refrénem a poslední Soldier, která má hodně zpěvný refrén. Parádní, avšak stále klasický streetpunk, který se vyznačuje texty, které mají smysl a nejsou jen plkáním o ničem. Určitě se po tom podívejte, jen co to vyjde (17. dubna 2015). Za mě super kapela, která vás rozhodně nezklame.

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Third album from this Canadian band is called A Chance to Change and I have to say that I really like the cover which fully corresponds with the title and it is 100% better than the previous one on Pressure. The band has released one album each year from their start (2013 – s/t, 2014 - Pressure and this one in 2015). On LP you may listen to 12 songs of the style which you expect. Middle rhythm underlined by bass scale solos (like the beginning of Lost Geenration, Caged or Can´t Walk Away) and Greg vocal which is easy to understand and time to time guitar solo (Specter, We´ve Got Nothing or Dead and Gone). The band criticizes current social situation in Canada which is done by corrupted government (Government Lies which is the best song for me especially the refrain part with just vocals and drums and you may check piece of it here, then about the resistance which is part of our existence but just someone use it (Resistance) or freedom which is waiting on you after you beat the cages which binds you (Caged, which is also great). Great is also last but one Can´t Walk Away which is nostalgic rhythm and I really like the last part of the song before the last refrain and also the last one Soldier which has great singalong. They have great but still classic sound of streetpunk with no nonsense lyrics. Really check it after the release date (17th April 2015). For me great band which do not disappoints you.

Review American Oi:
Of course I knew that Bishops Green was working on a new album, but still it surprised me how fast Canada’s up and rising streetpunk outfit went back into the studio after their incredibly successful release of last year’s debut full-length “Pressure”. Praiseworthy to say the least, because instead of sitting back and enjoying their recent successes of sold out tours and repress after repress of their previous releases (although I am pretty sure they do take the time to cherish these moments), they directly headed back into practice, writing and recording modus to produce their sophomore album entitled “A Chance To Change”. To us fans this particular record is one of the most anticipated streetpunk albums of the year, no doubt about it. But generally speaking the second album can be one of the toughest jobs around for a band.
Now I am not sure if this was the case with Bishops Green, but for some reason I can imagine it was. Because as much as I loved “Pressure”, it was a bit different than their 12” debut EP of a year before. The sound progressed, but while doing so some of that raw, untamed energy of their six-track debut EP got lost in the process. That is my personal opinion of course and whether you agree with this or not, I was curious to find out how this progressed on “A Chance To Change” and if the energy of their debut 12” and live shows could be captured again on a record.
Now pardon my Canadian-French, but FUCK YEAH they did! They build up the tension because opening track “Lost Generation” kicks-off with a bass intro, but as soon as the other instruments fill in and front-man Greg sings the first verse; “You bought in, stations in your life. No thought, no sight, can’t think for yourself. Your choices bind your soul, divides our way of life. You’re trapped in your ways, your dream’s a lie!” I hear back the Bishops Green as I’d like to hear them best. With a raw, energetic, powerful but melodic punk sound and passionate, socially aware lyrics that stand up against corruption and greed with the band’s main target being their government. A continuation of the “Pressure” LP, with the only difference now that I hear back more of that power, passion and aggression old tracks like “Tumbling Down” and “Alone” had on new songs like “We’ve Got Nothing”, “Specter”, “Lost Generation”, “Dead And Gone”, “Resistance” and “Defiance”, brilliant!
In 2013 Bishops Green came at the right place at the right time. With their approach and ideas on both sound and lyrics the band spoke to the imagination of a lot of people with various (subcultural) backgrounds and I think they will speak to the imagination of far more skins, punks and who –and whatnot in the (near) future if they keep it up like this and continue on releasing fantastic albums. “A Chance To Change” is definitely one of those fantastic albums that combines the best of Bishops Green’s previous releases, but keeps moving forward into something incredible of what could become the biggest band in punk music in say a year or five? I wouldn’t be surprised... Until then I can’t wait to see these guys in Berlin next month! Your resistance, is part of our existence!!!

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