Jack The Lad - Av it! 7"


Debut singl anglické kapely Jack The Lad "Av It!" obsahuje dva songy. Tato kapela se bude líbit fand?m klasických anglických Oi! punk kapel.

English version:
Debut single English band Jack The Lad " Av It! " contains two songs . This band will love the fans of classic British Oi ! punk bands.

A1: You can have it
B1: Get up

Pressing info:
50x black
150x red
150x white
150x blue
12x testpressing

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:
Jack the Lad je britská kapela, která hraje dva roky a na za?átku fungovali jen jakási cover kapela, která hrála klasické covery z osmdesátek. Tohle je jejich debutový single, který obsahuje dva songy ? You Can Have It (coľ je uplný název ´av it!) a Get Up. V kapele zpívá basák Condemned 84 Glen a ostatní ?lenové ur?it? mají z 80. lety také osobní zkuąenost :). V p?esn? duchu 80. let se nese i muzika kapely, takľe Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, The Crack, East End Badoes, atd. Halekací spole?né refrény, chytlavá kytara a n?jaká ta vyhrávka. První song je o kapelách, které se za prachy zaprodali a scénu opustili anebo se k ní navrací práv? kv?li pen?z?m. Dvojka Get Up je asi o n?co melodi?t?jąí a rytmi?t?jąí, coľ d?lá hlavn? pouľití ride ?inely v refrénu. K tomu vąemu je tu klasický obal, kde nechybí Union Jack. Fyzicky album vychází za?átkem prosince. Tohle se prost? parádn? poslouchá, protoľe to zní jako kapely, na kterých jste vyrostli a které si vľdycky rádi poslechnete a budete si s nimi zpívat do rytmu, i kdyľ to bude hrát t?eba jen v jukeboxu v putyce. Dobrý.

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Jack the Lad is British band which plays for two years and in the beginning they were just cover band which plays stuff from 80´s. This is their debut single with two songs ? You Can Have It (which is full name of the title ´av it!) and Get Up. Singer is bass player from Condemned 84 Glen and also other members of the band remember 80´s in personal experience :). Their music is also in thath spirit so imagine mixture of Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, The Crack, East End Badoes, etc... Great singalong refrains, catchy guitar and some solos. First song is about the bands which sell themselves for money and left the scene or they returned because of the money. Second one Get Up is more melodic and rhythmic which is caused by ride cymbal in refrain. Cover is also classic with Union Jack. EP will be out at the beginning of December. If you like bands mentioned above and you like to sing their songs in pub when they play them on jukebox, you will like also Jack the Lad. Good one.

Review American Oi:
Started out in 2013, Jack The Lad has been around for a good two years now, playing everyone?s favorite Oi! and punk anthems live by the likes of The 4 Skins, Blitz, The Business, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Condemned 84, Slaughter And The Dogs and so on, causing a real sing-along galore. But these British lads got a few tricks up their own sleeves as well, as the band proudly presents their two-track debut single ?Av It!? for Rebellion Records!
Besides covering all-time favorites, these lads have also been active in various other British outfits for years and that is something you can definitely hear back in the two tracks, ?You Can Have It? and ?Get Up?. Because despite being two Jack The Lad originals, the songs have both the swag and power to easily compete with some of Britain?s finest Oi! bands from the 90?s. Combining the rough, gritty side of Gundog with the more melodic elements of The Warriors, Jack The Lad bursts out two powerful sing-alongs that fans of the more traditional British Oi! sound will ?av? all day long!
I?m curious to hear what the future will bring for Jack The Lad and how the balance of covers and own compositions will develop over time, but the lads? debut single ?Av It!? definitely shows some potential! ?Av It!? comes in four colors of vinyl and the black one is the most limited with only 50 copies, while either the red, white or blue vinyl comes in 150 copies of each color.

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: rare2021009
  • Výrobce: Rebellion Records

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Pátek 22. leden 2016.

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