Violent Reaction – Marching On 12" LP (orange clear)

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Violent Reaction je anglická kapela, které hraje mix hardcoru, punku a Oi! Členové této kapely hrají v mnoha jiných kapelách a za zmíňku určitě stojí kapela Crown Court.

English version:
Violent Reaction is an English band that plays a mix of hardcore, punk and Oi ! The members of the band play in many other bands and also worth mentioning the band Crown Court .

Side A:
A1. M1 Stomp 
A2. Leave Me Out 
A3. No Pride 
A4. Bored To Death 
A5. Death Threat 
A6. Stand & Fight 
A7. Disorder 

Side B:
B1. War 
B2. Crust Fund 
B3. Impact 
B4. Direct Action 
B5. Hidden Agenda 
B6. Street Dogs 
B7. Marching On

Review American Oi:
Combining fast and violent hardcore noise along with the occasional curb stompin’ Oi! anthem Tom P. and, these days at least, co. grabbed me by the throat ever since the very first time I heard Violent Reaction! Without a doubt I could say they’re my favorite UKHC band. Ever. Period. No questions asked. Needless to say that I was absolute stoked when I received their brand new album “Marching On” in my mailbox!
Because holy shit, this is yet again an absolute banger! I could keep this review short and simple, because hands down this is the best hardcore release you, me and every other living creature with a pair of working ears will hear this year, there’s absolutely no doubt about that! And you know what? Maybe I’ll just keep it short and simple! 14 songs that clock a little over 20 minutes that you’ll keep listening over and over and over and over again until you never get sick of them, you know why? Because it’s the best hardcore record of 2015, dummy! Stay focused! Insane ragers like “Leave Me Out”, “Bored To Death”, “Crust Fund”, “Direct Action” and “Street Dogs” are taggin’ along with stompers like “No Pride”, “Disorder” and title-track “Marching On” that put in the mother. Fuckin’. Boot! Killer!
Absolute favorite is “War”, that chorus is sick and makes me want to punch my enemies’ throats;
“Declaration, this means war.On the frontline we’ll settle the score!”
BOOM! That’s it, nothing more and nothing less, pure brilliance!Just get this, hardcore record of the year 2K15, but I might have said that already.

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