Legion 76 - s/t 7" EP (Repress)(Piss yellow vinyl)


T?í songový debut 7" od Oi! Punk kapely z Philadelphie. V této kapele hrají ?lenové z kapel jako:  Thunder and Glory, Dive In The Box a The Boils.

English version:

Three-song debut 7" from Oi! Punk band from Philadelphia. In this band play members of bands such as: Thunder and Glory, Dive In The Box and The Boils.

Bandcamp: http://legion76.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Legion76Philly

Interview: http://deadpress.pl/index.php/2015/04/legion-76-wywiad-interview-pleng/

Live set: https://youtu.be/jWwYkKHeq6U

Live video: https://www.facebook.com/isaac.swanson.3/videos/1043428409053122/


Side A: 
A1. Life Hits The Ground 2:16 
A2. Another Way 3:26

Side B: 
B1. Dead City 2:27

Pressing info: 
150x Black 
100x Gold 
10x Testpressing (Red vinyl with special artwork)

Second press:

315x piss yellow

Recenze Backstreet Battalion:

Legion 76 pochází z Philadelphie a je to projekt ?len? Thunder and Glory (konkrétn? obou kytrist? a bratr? Erika a Chrise), Dive in Box a The Boils. EP vychází na Vinyl 4 Bootboys v po?tu 250 kousk? (100 zlatých a 150 ?erných + 10 testpress? na ?ervené desce s extra obalem). Hudebn? je to vąak rychlejąí neľ Thunder and Glory, kte?í mají takový temn?jąí Oi! zvuk. Vinyl obsahuje celkem t?i songy, z ?ehoľ první dva (Life Hits the Ground a Another Way) jsou z demá?e a dají se poslechnout zde http://legion76.bandcamp.com/. Kvalita zvuku vąak ur?it? p?esahuje standardní demá?. Song na stran? B je nový a nezve?ejn?ný a jmenuje se Dead City. V songu uslyąíte p?íchut? ska, p?edevąím díky zvuku Hammond kláves a basovým stupnicím v pozadí. Troąku mi p?ipomíná Plastic Gangsters of 4 Skins a je z desky asi nejm?k?í (ale to v?bec nevadí). Kapela je ?ty??lenná, ale zp?vák Erik hraje zárove? na kytaru. Jinak je troąku poznat, ľe songy na stran? A jsou nahrány v jinou dobu, neľ Dead City, ale to vlbec nevadí. Hnedka první song Life Hits the Ground obsahuje skv?lý zp?vný refrén a i kytarové sólo. Troąku mi to práv? zp?vem refrénu p?imomíná Plan of Attack a Bonecrusher. Dvojka je rychlejąí a pro m? je to nejlepąí song z desky a op?t hlavn? díky skv?lé kytarové vyhrávce. Kdo má rád (nejen) americké Oi! kapely a má gramec, tak neváhejte!!

Review Backstreet Battalion:

Legion 76 comes from city of Philadelphia and it is project of members from Thunder and Glory (both guitarists and brothers Erik and Chris), Dive in Box and The Boils. EP will be out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records and it will be limited to 250 copis (100 gold, 150 black and 10 testpressings on red wax with extra cover). Musically it is faster then Thunder and Glory which has darker Oi! sound. Vinyl contains three songs and first two (Life Hits the Ground and Another Way) are from their demo which you may listen here http://legion76.bandcamp.com/. Sound quality is very good and it is over the standard demo sound. Song on B side is called Dead City and it is brand new one. In that song you may hear ska influences mainly because of Hammond keyboards sound and bass lines in the background. It reminds me Plastic Gangsters from 4 Skins and it is the softest from EP. The band plays in four but singer Erik plays guitar also. You may slightly recognize that songs on A side are recorded in different time then Dead City but it doesn´t matter. The first piece Life Hits the Ground contains great catchy refrain and nice solo. The style of refrain reminds me Plan of Attack and Bonecrusher. Second song is faster and for me it is the best song from EP due to guitar solo again. Wo loves (not only) American Oi! bands and who has record player do not hesitate and buy it!

Review American Oi:

December, 2014 the Thunder And Glory brothers Eric and Chris released an absolute killer demo with their new outfit Legion 76. Now, nearly a year later, their two-track demo, along with an additional third song, is finally getting the vinyl release it absolutely deserves through our Czech brothers over at Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records!


I am beyond stoked for this release and I think the lot of you who have heard Legion 76?s tracks online are with me on this one, because this is some top flight Oi! music! The A-side features the two songs of the demo, ?Life Hits The Ground? and ?Another Way?, and although I have heard them countless times already over the past year, I simply can?t get enough of them! Great, personal lyrics, heavy as hell, but with an extreme dose of melody, these tracks just keep on pounding and pounding through my stereo! They took the best of bands like Lion?s Law, Hardsell and Boot Party and made it a crushing mix of their own! 100% sing-a-long galore guaranteed!


But hold on, there is more! On the B-side you?ll find the, previously unreleased track, ?Dead City?. Since I can?t read I was getting ready for an Exploited cover, but with that organ directly kicking in I knew something was up and I got surprised in a very positive way! ?Dead City? is perhaps a bit ?lighter? than the two hard-hitters on the flipside, but the stunning song writing, structure, killer solo and the fantastic use of the organ make this song a superb B-side!


This debut 7? by Philly?s very own legion has everything you want if you are into American Oi! and in 20 years this will be a classic EP! So I highly suggest you don?t sleep on this one, because only 250 copies of this bad boy are being pressed right now on black (150 copies) and gold (100 copies) vinyl! One of my favorite 7? records of this year!

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: NL016
  • Výrobce: Vinyl4Bootboys Records

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