Nobody's Fool ? Out Of Time 12"LP (Black)


Druhé album kapely Nobody's Fool obsahuje deset song? energického a melodické punkrocku velmi p?íjemného na poslech. Posu?te sami a poslechn?te si ukázky na odkazu níľe.

English version:
Second album from band Nobody's Fool contains ten songs energetic and melodic punk rock very pleasant to listen to. Judge for yourself and listen to the demos on the link below.


Side A:
A1. You Won't Change 
A2. Out of time 
A3. Carry it with pride 
A4. Living for today 
A5. 1467 

Side B:
B1. Against the odds 
B2. Where we belong 
B3. Bruises and shame 
B4. Break Bones 
B5. If I die before I wake...

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: 2016118

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