White Flag Down - Never Surrender/Outlaw LP (white)

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White Flag Down je kapela z Los Angels, která ve své hudb? kombinuje Oi!/Punk a Rock´n´Roll. Toto LP obsahuje jejich dv? EP plus bonus songy.

English version:
White Flag Down is band from Los Angels, they are combines in their music Oi!/Punk and Rock´n´Roll. THis LP contains their 2 EP and some bonus songs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whiteflagdown?fref=ts

Never Surrender 7"EP
A1. Burn It Down        
A2. Long Day        
A3. White Flag Down        
A4. Watch Yourself        
Outlaw 7"EP
A5. Oulaw        
B1. Rock ?N? Roll        
B2. Easy        
B3. We Turn Our Backs        
B4. Deadtown        
B5. Malcontent Killing Machine

Backstreet Battalion:

White Flag Down je kapela z Los Angels a toto je LP, které obsahuje jejich dv? debutové EP Never Surrender (to si vydala kapela sama) a Outlaw (to vydal label United Against Society), které jsou ob? pry? a plus dva nové songy Deadtown a Malcontent Killing Machine. Celkem je zde 10 song?. Kapela hraje v klasické ?ty??lenné sestav? a její zp?vák je celkem sluąn? pokérovanej (v?etn? ksichtu ? nap?íklad tetování alá nalepovací ?asy z Clockwork Orange). ®e má banda ráda Clockwork Orange i vlastn? vid?t i z designu obalu a hlavn? podle fotek z koncert?. Hudebn? je to dost originální a punková tvrdost a p?ímo?arost se tady potkává s rock´n´rollovou melodií a je to slyąet nap?íklad v songu Long Day nebo Rock´n Roll. N?kdy to jde aľ do ľvejka?kovýho punku jako t?eba Easy is her Name, coľ je hitovka jak blázen. I kdyľ kapela hraje s jednou kytarou, tak zvuk je parádní a jsou zde i sólí?ka (t?eba ve Watch Yourself nebo zase Rock´n´Roll). Mám zase jen digitální verzi, takľe o n?jakém bookletu toho moc nepovím no. Názvy ostatních song? jsou (krom? výąe zmín?ných) jeąt? Burn it Down, White Flag Down, Outlaw a We Turn Our Backs. Pro m? super p?ekvápko a rozhodn? se po tom podívám, aľ bude deska n?kde v evropských distrech. Výborný a podívejte se t?eba na youtube.

English version:
White Flag Down is band which comes from Los Angels and this is LP which contains both of their released EP´s - Never Surrender (released by the band) and Outlaw (released on United Against Society) which are both sold out plus two new songs Deadtown and Malcontent Killing Machine. Together there is ten songs. Band is playing in classic four piece line up and their singer is hardly tattooed (including face in style of Clockwork Orange). The band is really into clockwork style just check the cover and photos from the gigs. Musically it is really original piece. Hardness and straightforward of punk meets rock´n´roll melody (just check the songs like Long Day or Rock´n Roll). Sometimes it goes to great punk rock like song Easy is her Name which is greatset hit from the album for me. Even the band is playing with just one guitar the sound is cool and guitar is playing great solos (like in Watch Yourself or in Rock´n´Roll). I have just digital version of the album so I can´t tell you something about booklet. Other songs are Burn it Down, White Flag Down, Outlaw and We Turn Our Backs. For me it is great surprise and I will surely have a look when it will be somewhere in European distros. Great and check them on youtube if you want.

When I first heard of this new White Flag Down release I thought it was a brand new full-length record. Obviously I wasn?t paying attention, or it was either real early or real late because to my (and just my) surprise this new CD/LP from LA?s White Flag Down is a collection of their first two EP?s with additional bonustracks.
And to be honest, it ain?t bad at all that the songs on here aren?t on a release that doesn?t have a ridiculous low run of presses such as the EP?s they?re originally on. The ?Never Surrender? 7? was released by the band themselves and has been sold out for ages and the ?Outlaw? EP only had a pressing of 130 copies! I love limited runs on vinyl, but only as long as I?m able to get my hands on it!!! Which obviously didn?t happen with either of White Flag Down?s earlier records.
So now both EP?s, who contain four songs a piece, are collected on this CD/LP by Skinflint Music and also contains two bonustracks. Though I don?t own any of the EP?s I obviously heard of White Flag Down before, so I already knew that there?s some pretty good stuff on this record. Punk and Oi! music get in the mix with some rock (?n? roll) and mostly reminds me of the Lower Class Brats. Not just because of the ?Clockwork theme? but also Sean?s vocals remind me of Bones from time to time.
There?s some real good stuff on here and this release is worth every penny you spend on it. Best songs are from the ?Outlaw? 7? and the two (new?) bonustracks ?Deadtown? and ?Malcontent Killing Machine?. This band better keep their white flag down for a while if they keep releasing killer stuff like this!

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